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Meet Rev. Marguerite Morris

Driven and Committed to Serving Others

"I have been doing the work, not because of being elected to an office, but because its been a life lived.

Let my commitment and experience work for you!

I am committed to helping Maryland build back stronger! 

Services to Veterans

According to reporting Maryland has more than 400,000 veterans.  Those veterans should have access to a wealth of benefits.  Yet many live without knowing those benefits,  nor accessing them.  As your candidate I will work to insure more of our nations finest are reached and are able to more fully utilize those resources.

Health and Human Services Inequities

Because of the impact and possible inadequacies in health and human service laws that effect Maryland families, I will work to make them more equitable for all.

Women's Rights

I am pro choice.  In addition, if I had been a part of the House of Delegates in 2022 I would have voted “yes” for HB937 sponsored by Del. Ariana Kelly’s. HB937 is the Abortion Care Access Act. If I am a member of the House of Delegates in 2023 I will vote “yes” for the Constitutional Amendment that would enshrine a women's right to choose what happens to her body.

Youth Development and Empowerment

As we emerge, the pandemic having wreaked havoc on our school systems and our children access to education and other services.  I am committed to helping restore our youths confidence in their futures.  To work with our educators, parents and other leaders to help all of our children regain their educational and emotional footing .

Public Safety

I will fight for fairness in the justice system.  Working to pursue and build bridges with public safety officials while encouraging more accountability.


I will work to implement the "Blueprint" for our most underresourced schools.  I will fight for more inclusive and diverse forms of instruction. as well as the equitable use of school resources.   

Small Business Recovery

I will examine how with the economic impact of the pandemic, small businesses were disproportionately impacted, and find ways to help put them on the road to recovery.


I will not and cannot forget the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on our schools, families, workforce, healthcare and more. I am committed to helping Maryland families recover by addressing income inequalities that exist now and before the pandemic. 

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