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A lifetime of responding to the needs of community

 In 2016 she received her Master’s in Children’s’ and Family Ministry, has a degree in Business Administration and has been flirting with law school since in 2020. She currently serves on the ministerial staff of Greater Mount NEBO AME Church.   She has served the citizens of Maryland by

  • Founding the Leah’s House Shelter that for over 8 years provided services to not only local women and children, but international victims of abuse and human trafficking. From this work Morris has positively impacted the lives of women from Ukraine, Thai, China, Japan, Africa, Jamaica, and from around the U.S.
  • As a legacy to her daughter founded For Kathy’s Sake, Inc. to provide advocacy services to persons in crisis.
  • Served as a Facilitator of multiple Town Hall meetings to include the Ferguson Incident and in 2020, Hearing the Voices of Impacted Community and Straight Talk about Racism (STAR’s).
  • Served as the National Coordinator for the 15th Annual Day of Prayer at the White House.
  • Served as the Sr. Youth Advisor leading the revival and chartering of the AAC NAACP Youth and College Division where youth successfully raised over $10, 0000 in four months to travel to the 2019 National Convention.
  • Founded Community Actively Seeking Transparency (C.A.S.T.) to help facilitate greater police transparency and accountability, is at the forefront fighting for police reform, and has become well known in the Maryland  House of Delegates, working closely with the ACLU. 
  •  Attends regular meetings with statewide agencies which have identified 5 key goals essential to reform across the state of Maryland and has established working relationships with the National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) 
  • As a former Pastor received the Church of Distinction Award from a Pastor’s and Church Leadership Summit. This distinction was to a church that impacted its local community with programs of excellence
  •  Annually moved over $100,000 in donated food products directly to the doors of needy families through the coordination of volunteers and community partners
  • Was appointed by the County Commissioners to the areas First Human Relations Council
  • Was nominated as one of Maryland’s Most Beautiful People and Woman of the Year
  • Received recognition from the Senate of Maryland for Outstanding Work with Children & Families, as well as hospice patients.
  • Morris’ efforts have been featured on TV broadcasts such as Living Unshackled On Purpose, The Ed Brown Show NBC, and WJLA. This is in addition to radio shows like The Stroke Diva Fabulous and WNAV, news articles that appeared in the Washington Post, Capital Gazette, Maryland Gazette, Military Justice for All, and multiple full cover stories in the County Times. An article appearing in the Washington Post’s Southern Maryland Living section was about a once condemned local hotspot known as the Happyland Club, which in its last days had become not only a dump, but a haven for drug trafficking and prostitution, but under Morris’ leadership was transformed back into a positive community resource which for several years, served, housed, and sustained families in need. 
  • Currently she is frequently called upon by area Delegates, the ACLU and others to bring hearing testimony on matters effecting Maryland citizens. 

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