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An intimate and detailed visit with your candidate

Hello, I'm Marguerite

     I have lived in Anne Arundel County for more than thirty five years, spending my teen years in Prince George’s County and ten years of my adult life in St. Mary’s County. I was raised by a single mother and met and married my now deceased spouse while he was on military assignment at Fort Meade, Maryland. We spent five years at McGuire AFB, in New Jersey, where in 1995 we became military retirees, returned to Maryland and had a home built in the community of Piney Orchard. My now deceased beautiful daughter Kathy, attended Anne Arundel County elementary and Christian schools, and she was a graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park. I myself attended MacArthur Middle School, and Arundel Senior High School, moving on to earn a degree in Business Administration, and later graduating from Capitol Seminary and Graduate School with a Masters.

     During my lifetime as a community leader, called to serve, I've advocated for and with residents, to the best of my abilities in and around the state of Maryland for more than twenty-eight years.

  • Those persons may have been foster-children, placed in my care, who may have suffered mental and physical abuses. For one of those foster-children, I sat with her in the dark corridors of a courthouse, determined to wait until a judge heard her plight.
  • Those persons were women and children in crisis, to include victims of human trafficking from as far away as Ukraine, China and Thailand. Those women included American women I’d not abandoned because there was no funding.
  • Those persons were women for whom I would not leave emergency rooms with until ER doctors wrote orders for needed medical test because then the test could be done at the hospital. One such woman was a homeless woman who had a lump in her breast, but had no insurance to get it checked out.
  • Those persons may have been hospice patients. As a hospice volunteer (receiving multiple Senatorial citations), I volunteered in nursing homes where my role was to offer spiritual support, and comfort. I recall being called in the middle of the night to come and sit with a patient who was terrified of going to sleep, for fear of not waking up. I sat quietly as her companion, just reaching out and holding her hand. For other hospice patients I would visit their home and perhaps prepare their favorite meal.
  • Those persons may have been mistreated military spouses who I advocated for and for whom word of our program reached the office of then Vice Presidents wife Jill Biden. Her office reached out directly to me by phone to let me know she commended my work and was very supportive of it. Imagine the thrill of getting a call from the White House.
  • Those persons may have been persons for whom I’ve walked away from settlement offers by big corporations, because they wanted me to stop making speeches, while allegedly management of the corporations continued mistreating employees. Those employees included Black and Brown persons, and women.
  • Those persons may have been mothers or other family members of persons who died as a result of social injustices. I've facilitated community conversations by way of town halls, pushed for civilian oversite of law enforcement, while hosting statewide forums.
  • Those persons may have been the youth I mentored. I've not only served as a Girl Scout cookie mom, and as advisor to the Anne Arundel County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Youth and College Division, but for many years prior to that through Positive Reinforcement of Our Future. Under my leadership and by partnering with awesome parents, and other dynamic leaders, successfully relaunched that division in 2018. I had a parent thank me for being the voice of motivation to her drug dealing son, who not only put down the drugs, but went to college and earned multiple degrees including his doctorate.
  • Those persons could have been the scores of families receiving food through the Food for a Friend program that moved $100,000 worth of donated food through communities and directly to the doors of needy families.
  • Those persons could have been through the Strengthening Families Program which was a science based parenting program designed for high risk families
  • Those persons could have been those leaders and young people reached when I was called in to serve as the National coordinator for the 15th Annual Day of Prayer at the White House (not the same as the National Day of Prayer). I brought the youth, and empowered them to do their thing, through music, step, and communications, by which the event was a major success.
  • Those persons may have been those I reached in their places of employment, or visiting post offices, laundromats, bars, hair salons, pool halls or restaurants where I personally and recently handed-out thousands of COVID-19 home test and mask.
  • Those could have been the many that have contacted the Community Actively Seeking Transparency organization because they or their loved ones were impacted by the many forms of social injustice.
  • Those could be the thousands of persons that can now appeal the manner of death, because of the closing of a loophole in Maryland law.
  •  Those could be persons positively impacted by the awareness and transparency that occurred when I’ve repeatedly pressed for justice against all odds as a prose litigate, when there was simply no funding to pay an attorney. So many times I darned my backpack and took to the law library.

     I cannot tell you how many times persons, especially women have said that they have been encouraged by my steadfastness and determination. It is from these unique experiences I am committed to ensuring that all families have the tools to successfully raise their children from infancy to adulthood. I am already invested in supporting parents, and community with partnerships that work to improve the quality of life for all including our youth and seniors.

     In short, life has placed me in multiple roles, some good, some bad, and some ugly. It is because of those vast and diverse experiences that I am left with a clear vision of how unpredictable life can sometimes be, but how one must be prepared to respond, and adjust the path forward.

That is why I’d like to serve as your R.E.P. This means together, we must Remember our past, Examine our present and Plan for our future.

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